About Woven Money

Woven Money was founded by Sunjay Pandey, a man with a vision of helping people live better financial lives by unrigging the banking systems that are built to make money management complicated and full of consequences.
Today, he and his team bring you the Credit Crush App to help you beat credit card debt so you can live financially free.

Our Story

Where it all started

In ordinary times, money is the fuel that allows us to live a life well-lived: visit aging parents, see the world, educate our kids, care for the sick, and retire well. Nowadays, as we face uncertain economic times, money lets many of us just rest a little bit easier at night. When managed well, money allows us to live the life we’ve imagined for ourselves.

After coming to the United States with his family to seek refuge from a civil war in Africa, Sunjay and his family were fortunate to pursue the American dream. Through hard work, luck, and opportunities they enjoyed from the country and their local community, they were able to create a life they are grateful for. Complete reading

In that process, though, Sunjay felt that the financial system for consumers was tailored to supporting the affluent, leaving hard-working everyday Americans without the support, guidance, and tools to make their money work for them.

At Woven, we are tired of watching millions of hard-working Americans struggle to use banking to their advantage, to power their dreams. We felt this way before the pandemic and are even more motivated to make a difference now.

With consumer debt at an all-time high, we believe there is a better way to help people manage their money, starting with high-interest debt aka bad debt. We believe that with the right tools that are designed to be on the side of people, it is possible for everyone to take control of their money, get out of debt, stay out of debt, and put their money to work for them to live the life they’ve imagined.

We’re building products and services that are deeply aligned with the interest of our members. Period. It's time people feel in control of their money and stop being played by big banks only looking out for profit and growing numbers. We are no longer watching, we are doing better. We bring you Woven Money.

Who We Are

We’re everyday Americans, technologists and finance professionals who need, want, and use money the same way you do.
And we’re on a mission to change the way people interact with money, once and for all.



Meet Aurea, she is our resident Branding, Marketing, and Coaching Expert.

Aurea joined Woven not to add to her resume. Nope. She is here because her life mission is to bring peace and empowerment to people's lives. Woven allows her to do that through coaching, building a brand of impact, and constantly looking out for the customer. And, although she had a very long and fruitful career in the financial industry for over 14 years at HSBC & Capital One, she and her military family struggle with money the same way many Americans do.. Complete reading

As a military wife, a mother to a 4-year-old spy ninja and two dogs, who is constantly moving to her husband's next duty station and managing half the year on her own while he's away, money and time challenges are real. She's here to help you stop juggling, and start taking control to make your money work for you. She's driven to deliver that kind of freedom.


Meet Matt, our Product Manager who has big dreams of flying to the moon one day.

While he saves up for it, we're lucky because he's here on earth with the drive to let people believe in their big lofty dreams again by building digital money products that help people make the most of their money instead of robbing them blind. After watching people close to him struggle with finances while he was growing up, he realized that people get into financial products they don't really understand, which can lead to trouble. Complete Reading

Then, as he progressed in his 12-year career in financial services with banks like Capital One, he again had to sit back and watch how the banking industry remains complicated and confusing which hinders people from effectively managing their money, missing the opportunity to grow wealth. To put it simply, Matt's tired of watching and is committed to saving people, like you, from those ugly experiences because someone needs to have your back.



Meet Jennifer, a Product Manager who built her 11-year career in the tech industry and decided it was time for a change.

Here's why, she absolutely loves puzzles. She loves the complexity and the possibilities of them. On top of that, she believes that technology is meant to enhance a person's life, not control a person's life, much like money. When learning about Sunjay's mission with Woven, she felt the opportunity to build products for Woven customers was her chance to help people achieve financial independence which is a complex yet hopeful part of their lives, like a really good puzzle! Complete Reading

So when she's not caring for her fur-baby Raya and doing cool home projects with her husband, she is constantly exploring ways to help people put their financial independence puzzle together.


Meet Daryl, a Product Manager, and Chartered Financial Analyst.

After 20+ years of providing financial guidance as an analyst and portfolio manager, Daryl was inspired by Woven's mission to bring the best financial guidance possible to every American in the most accessible way, in an App. With Woven, he's daring to dream big. From the comfort of his home workspace (shared with his wife, of course), he re-imagines how we could bring the financial guidance. Complete Reading

Without the constraints of the big bank brands, he strives to make a positive impact by educating and guiding people to make smart money moves.

If there was one money question you could ask Daryl, what would it be? We're working on #MoneyTalksWithDaryl



Meet Sunjay, Founder and CEO of Woven.

He's always imagining new ways to do what's right, just, and possible while staying grounded in his roots of an immigrant family, as a husband, father, and mentor to many rising stars of the FinTech industry. His resume is extensive and impressive because he actually makes products that change people's lives--from entrepreneurship for 12 years to building products and systems for Fortune 500 brands like Amazon and Capital One. Complete Reading

And, he might not admit it, but his wardrobe consists mostly of rock band t-shirts. Seriously, someone get this guy a podcast!

But you read the Woven Story, he has truly felt the impact of negative money games the banking industry has created when we deserve a better way. He has seen first hand how banks hold the power over our money when we're the ones making all the sacrifices to earn it. And he knows there is a better way; the Woven Way where the power is in the palm of your hands starting with the Credit Crush App.